About us

Our passion for fused glass design.

Glass is such a versatile material. It comes in many forms: sheet, powder or crushed. It can come in long thin strands or thicker rods. It can be iridised, plain, opaque or transparent. With such a mutable substance, we can indulge our fascination for experimentation using a huge variety of techniques. 

We have always been fascinated by colour and it is this which inspires us to create. By using a mix of transparent and opal glasses, we produce pieces which show the depth and vibrancy of colour. Glass can be combined and merged through fusion to produce vivid, stand-out pieces. Heatwork also produces a variety of effects. By working with heat, we can create or lose texture, brighten or fade colour, and use gravity to ‘stretch’ pieces into unique vases or deep vessels. 

Sometimes the glass is beautiful enough to stand alone and it is this glass which we use for our stained glass mirrors. Iridised, mottled glass makes a stunning border for hanging pieces which means each mirror is not only a practical piece, but also a work of art. 


Black Cat Glass Designs is Becci Meakins and Rich Hamblin.  We live in the ancient and picturesque Forest of Dean and have done so for more than 15 years.  We are a husband and wife team and we get immense pleasure from designing and making our pieces.

In our garden studio we make beautiful and individual gifts for the home using both fused and leaded glass techniques.  We love to experiment in our work and are not afraid of colour!  Consequently our items for sale are diverse and ever-changing.

We predominantly use Bullseye glass in our work. Bullseye provides hundreds of colour-shades and styles enabling us to produce our constantly evolving designs.


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If you are interested in a bespoke piece, just for you, send us an enquiry.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.