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Hello! I’m Becci, and together with my husband, Rich, we run a fused and slumped glass business, based in the Forest of Dean, where we have lived for 18 years. We have been working with glass since 2012. Our work is all about colour. If you like colour, you’ve come to the right place!

A bit about me: I have no children, but am ‘mum’ to a rescue dog, a black cat and 2 very skittish ratties.

  • I hate unicorns – I wouldn’t hate them if they existed, but they don’t.
  • I like to listen to ‘happy’ music when I work; ELO’s ‘Mr Blue Sky’ is a frequent anthem in the studio, even if it’s pissing down.
  • I am very short. I used to be 5ft 2 however, I have shrunk. I was told this by a nurse who decided to measure me at the age of 40 ‘because we shrink as we get older’. I was not happy with the outcome as I was a centimetre shorter when I left the surgery than I was when I went in.
  • To relax I like to do killer sodukus, crosswords, read and buy books and bobsleighing. The last one is a lie.

A bit about Rich: Rich has two children, one is a GP and the other is a vet. He likes to say they get their intelligence from him. I like to use this as evidence that intelligence skips a generation.

  • Rich is also a bass player in a band called The Steel Weasels. My very own John Taylor (young people: google it), but a bit shorter. And wider.
  • Rich likes to listen to ‘prog rock’, for fun. To him, it’s music of the gods; to me, it’s the sound of a sociopathic, depressed organ player on LSD, with a very high delusions of grandeur.
  • To relax, Rich likes to sit down.

From this photo, you might think we live in a castle and get dressed up for dinner over an 18ft table. We don’t. This photo was taken at a wedding.


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