Large Turquoise Glass Vase


Large glass vase in turquoise, with ochre, yellow and soft-peachy brown tones.

Measures 23cm in height, by 17cm in diameter.


This large turquoise glass vase with a bloom of ochre colouring can be used as a flower vase or as a standalone piece. Whilst it can’t be directly seen, the secret of this vase’s colour-way is in the use of 99% silver foil. Silver, when used in glass fusing can create a ‘fuming’ effect, and it’s this you can see in the top of the vase, forming shades of ochre, yellow and soft peachy-brown.

Silver also reacts with the copper in turquoise glass. Here, we are using crushed glass, known as ‘frit’  which reacts with the silver to create a sparkling effect.

This vase is created by stretching in the kiln; a procedure known as ‘dropping’. Combining the procedure with the reactions of the silver and turquoise, give a crackled look to the turquoise glass.  This creates a really unique look.

As you can see from the pictures, we’ve filled this vase with gorgeous peach roses from the garden, which complement perfectly with the ochre blooming effect. However, this vase is also gorgeous enough to standalone. If you place this in a sunlit window, you’ll see the blooming ochres in all their beauty.

And as a really good test of taste, this large turquoise glass vase has had Spooky’s approval, too!

Measures 23cm in height, and 17cm in diameter.