Plenty of Fish in the Sea Curved Panel


A gently curving sea picture depicting a deep sea scene.


This is a lovely piece of stand-alone art.  It depicts a deep-sea scene of vibrant, tropical fish, seaweeds, shells, star fish and sea foam.  The fish are hand-cut from a mixture of dichroic glasses.  The shells and star fish are also handmade: using a silicone mould, glass powder is added bit-by-bit, together with drops of water and tapped to get rid of air bubbles. This process is continued until the mould is filled, which takes quite a bit of time and patience!  The powdered glass and water mix is then put in the freezer.  When the shapes are fully frozen, they are popped out of the mould and fired in the kiln.

This piece has been tack-fused in the kiln, to maintain its texture, and then slumped over a drape mould. This is one of those occasions where the photo does not do it justice!

Measures 31cm x 18cm.