Yellow and Black Floral Glass Coasters


These coasters are a bit of sunshine in what can sometimes be a dreary day. Made from black glass, and fused with a bright yellow flower design on top as a gorgeous bit of contrast. Let them brighten up your tea time!

Beautiful black glass coasters, with yellow flower pattern. Price is per coaster.


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How can these yellow and black floral glass coasters make your day? Imagine it’s a grey, rainy day. I know, if you live in the UK, winter or summer, that’s quite easy to imagine, isn’t it? So, there you are on a gloomy day – it’s not even raining properly as it’s that horrible drizzle that makes your hair frizz. You put on the kettle to make yourself a nice cup of tea. You go to put your tea down on a coaster, next to your seat and you notice its beautiful, sunny yellow flower pattern, standing out brightly on its black glass surround, refusing to be put down by the weather. It makes you smile. You feel better.

Coasters can be customised to your preference. See here for details. See also our blog on how to commission work.

Price is per coaster.

Each of these yellow and black floral glass coasters measures 9cm x 9cm. It has ‘bumpers’ on the bottom to prevent marking your furniture.