SUCH a long time between blogs. This has to change (note to self: don’t be such a lazy ass). Anyway, hello to you all – I won’t say ‘happy new year’ as that was like eons ago.

So, we are back to the studio but without the madness of Christmas. I actually quite like this down time because it gives me chance to try out new things which I don’t have time to do in the latter half of the year.

I’ve been working on some new jewellery and it is such good fun. What isn’t such good fun is trying to master the digital camera to take photos of said jewellery. Crikey, cameras these days are ridiculously complicated. On my 13th birthday, a couple of centuries ago, my parents bought me a Halina camera. It had no instructions – not because it was the equivalent of a Fisher Price toy, but because it was so simple, you just didn’t need them. You basically decided if you were indoors or outdoors and whether it was day or night and that was the limit of the decision-making process. In a nutshell, flash or no flash. Now I admit, the quality of the photos were rubbish but at least I’d only spent half a second taking the photo. Nowadays, if you can’t master the camera, the photo is still rubbish but it’s taken 45 minutes to get to that state of ‘rubbishness’. Anyway, I continue to excel at bad photos. I need to resolve this problem!

I have just attended another class at the excellent Warm Glass studio at Wrington. The quality of their teaching is just superb and I can’t wait for my next one in May. Sadly, due to the sat-nav in my car, it took me AGES to get home as I got horrendously lost. There seems to be a bit of a theme here – technology……Thank goodness the kiln is easy to operate!

We will be adding a whole new range of products in the coming year. New products are exciting to make but there’s also the slight apprehension when you open the kiln after they’ve been fired! We will obviously let you know when new ‘stuff’ arrives in our shop.

Bye for now!

Becci x