Green and Black Patterned Bar Dish

Designed with Flair

Handcrafted fused and leaded glass

Bespoke Fused Glass

Commission something unique.

We can make bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces especially for you.

A diversity of textures and techniques

Black Cat Glass Designs handcrafts fused glass to make spectacular one of a kind pieces…

Mirror, mirror on the wall

We make a range of leaded mirrors

Wall and Standalone Art to brighten up your living space

I have bought several pieces from Black Cat Glass Designs. All are original, all are stunning colours, all have a very special place in my house and that of the people I gift them to. It feels very special to buy one of Becci’s pieces of art.


We are Black Cat Glass Designs. Our mission is to create vibrant and colourful glassware, ethically handcrafted in the UK.

Large High Street shops have their place, but what if you want a piece which isn’t the ‘in’ colour? What if you want something that isn’t in every City in the UK? 

We aim to inspire you with your choice of colour; to bring vivacity and brightness into your life, and provide a more exclusive touch to your gift choices.

What are you waiting for? Jump in and have a look around!




One Off?

Everything is hand-made by us. Let us create something unique for you.