At Black Cat Glass Designs, we are delighted to give you the opportunity to own a piece of perfectly individualised jewellery, in collaboration with Chris Lewis Jewellery Design.

How it works

It starts with a cabochon, which is a highly polished stone that does not have facets like a gem stone. It’s usually slightly domed, but not always.  

Black Cat Glass Designs will make a cabochon for you, in the colours you like, and cut to the shape of your preference. This cabochon can make use of dichroic glass if you like the shimmer and sparkle of dichroic, or you could choose to have plain glass in whichever colour or colours you like.

We also have a range of cabochons already made for you to select from if you prefer. Don’t worry, even if you went for one in the ready-made range, it will still be completely unique. Here is an example of some of our ready-made cabochons.

A range of dichroic cabochons

Once you have selected your cabochon, you then decide what you want it made into. This may be a ring, bracelet, pendant or earrings. This is where Chris comes in. Chris is a silversmith, but she also works with copper and gold, too. Once you’ve decided what you want your cabochon made into, Chris will then set it for you, based on your own unique requirements.

How much does it cost?

It is not possible to give a direct cost for this, as it depends on many factors: whether your cabochon is ready-made or made specially for you; whether you choose dichroic or plain glass; the size of the cabochon – you get the picture. But don’t worry, once we know exactly what you want, we can give you a price so you can make an informed decision. To make it as easy as possible, you will make payment to Chris, rather than getting two separate costs.

Here is a selection of pieces made us:

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