Fused Glass Christmas Decoration


Handmade fused glass Christmas tree decoration. Made with a mix of transparent and opal glass, decorated with kiln-formed ‘baubles’. A classic family ‘heirloom’ piece.

Note: each tree is slightly different because they are handmade individually. Therefore, any you order will not be an exact match to the one in the picture.

16 in stock (can be backordered)


This fused glass Christmas decoration is part of our Christmas collection. Tree decorations are often heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. We made this little tree with this in mind. This is a gorgeous tree decoration which you can proudly display now, will last and last to pass down through your family. Just imagine your future generations always remembering you as they decorate their tree and delighting in what great taste you had!

Our fused glass Christmas Tree decoration is made from a mix of transparent and opal glass. Firstly, we hand snip the glass ‘branches’ and arrange them onto a glass base. We then add the handmade ‘baubles’, which have been fired in a separate kiln-firing beforehand. We then fire the assembled trees in the kiln to a tack fuse. A tack fuse is a lower temperature kiln programme, which bonds the pieces together, but keeps the texture of the glass. To finish, we add a gold hanging ribbon.

This decoration would look great with its ‘sister’ decoration, our fused glass wreath.

Tree measures 8cm in height and 4.5cm at its base.