Art Deco-Style Glass Plate


Art Deco-style plate in bright yellow, contrasting with black and white.

Piece measures 24cm x 24cm.

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Our Art Deco-style glass plate is extremely eye-catching. We chose the bright yellow colour to contrast sharply with the black and white, in a typical Art Deco design.

We have always loved the Art Deco style and indeed, our lounge is Art Deco-inspired. In our glasswork, we want to expand this style further but at present, this is the only piece in this style which we have.

Are you the sort of person who loves bold design? Are you a lover of bright colours, which shout at you as you walk in the room? If so, you could just be the sort of person this Art Deco-style glass plate is crying out for!

Love Art Deco but not fond of yellow? Commission a plate in your own colours. Click here.

Measures 24cm x 24cm.

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Dimensions 24 × 24 cm