Down at the Riverside: dragonfly panel


Beautiful wall-hanging depicting a dragon fly scene. The dragonflies are made with dichroic glass which gives them a gorgeous vibrancy.

Measures 26cm in height and 11cm in width.

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Here we have our ‘Down at the Riverside’ dragonfly panel. Our dragonflies are made with dichroic glass so they really catch the light. Their dichroic wings give them a stunning, ethereal look.

There are two ways you could display our dragonfly panel: firstly, we think it looks best hanging on a pale-coloured wall. With the solid wall behind it, the colours look strong and vibrant. However, it could also be hung in a window but note that this will mute the colours slightly.

I adore dragonflies. They are my favourite insect. There is something almost magical about them. I got the chance to look at one close-up when our (very naughty) cat caught one in his mouth. I actually managed to rescue it and what a beauty it was!

Anyway, I digress. Our ‘Down at the Riverside’ dragonfly panel depicts a river scene, complete with river pebbles and bullrushes. We think it’s a very calming piece of work. We have fused in a piece of copper wire, for you to use to hang it.

Please note that we make several of these panels a year and as such they vary slightly each time. For example, we use different dichroic glass on each panel. Therefore, please bear in mind that any panel you order will be based on the one in this picture but will differ slightly.

If you like these scenes, you may also be interested in our Plenty of Fish in the Sea curved panel.

This measures H26cm x W11cm

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Dimensions 26 × 11 cm


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