Pink Glass Square Textured Bowl


Soft pink fused glass bowl. This gorgeous piece is square in design, decorated with crushed glass.

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Here we have a pink glass square textured bowl. It is unusual because it’s square and not a standard round. This gorgeous piece is decorated with blue and white fused crushed glass on the outside, to give it a little texture.¬†This is a stunning soft pink which doesn’t blow its own trumpet like vivid pink!

Pink glass is very, very expensive, therefore you won’t see as much pink fused glass as you would other colours. The reason for the expense is that it’s what’s known as a gold-bearing glass. Whereas blue glass, for example contains copper, pink, in contrast, contains gold. Its expense means we limit the amount of pink we use in our glass fusing but that makes it all the more special!

In making this glass vessel, we have fused the glass together to make a square, flat piece. We then suspend the flat piece on posts, on a handmade mould made with ceramic fibre board, with a square cut out of it. As the glass heats, it softens and slowly drops through the square hole. If you are interested in how this process works, this blog gives you a more detailed explanation. Click here to read.

So, what could be better than a lovely textured glass bowl which is unusual in so many ways? It’s square. It’s pink. It contains gold. Perfect for our discerning customers.

Measures 15cm at its widest. Depth is 9.5cm.