Strawberry Skies: Blue and Pink Patterned Glass Bowl


Pink and blue fused glass bowl.

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What do you think of when you think of summer? Is it the colours? Or is it the smell of summer – cut grass perhaps? Maybe it’s the sounds of summer which stand out most to you? For us, it’s colour. The colours of summer are more muted and soft compared to the colours of spring. But the blue skies seem deeper, somehow – real saturated blue colour. Of course pink is everywhere in the summer: flowers and pink gin to name just two. But what could say summer more than strawberries? But strawberries are red, you say. This is true, but strawberry flavoured things are pink – the very essence of strawberries is pink. It is with the blue skies and the pink of strawberry flavours in mind that we named this decorative bowl: Strawberry Skies.

This blue and pink patterned glass bowl is truly unique. Well, we would say that, wouldn’t we. But, here’s the thing: it is, and even we couldn’t make another one the same. The reason behind this is this vessel is made using the ‘pattern bar’ technique. In brief, layers of blue and pink glass are stacked on stainless steel rods above a mould. As the glass heats, it drips into the mould, forming a solid block. We then cut the solid block into slices, rearrange them and fuse again into a flat slab. This slab is then suspended over a mould with a hole in and as the glass is reheated, gravity pulls it through the mould into a bowl shape. To finish, the bowl is thoroughly cold-worked: we remove the rim and then grind the top with a diamond lap wheel.

Strawberry Skies is quite a thick, sturdy piece. We think it looks absolutely stunning in a window, where the light can shine through all the beautiful, summer colours.

Measures 13.5cm wide by 8cm in height.