Striped Glass Bowl


Brightly coloured fused glass bowl, sandblasted for a matte finish.

Measures 10cm in height and 15cm in diameter.

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This striped glass bowl is part of our ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ collection.

In this range, we use the brightest of opal glasses: reds, oranges, yellows, blues and greens. Because the vessel is made up of layers, you get a different variety of colours where they overlap. Additionally, as an added design feature, the stripes inside run perpendicular to the outside of the bowl. This use of bright colours does not mean the vessel is overpowering. We counter this possibility by sandblasting the finished piece to give it a softer, matte effect.

Imagine this: you come downstairs on a gloomy, winter’s morning. Everything seems grey and dull and it’s an effort to do anything other than drink tea. That’s easy to imagine, right? So take it a step further and imagine seeing this little ray of sunshine on your kitchen table as you make your tea. Suddenly, there is life in that gloom! In the summer, it holds its own with the same vibrancy and vivacity to equal all the brightness which spring and summer provide. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a win-win situation!

‘Life in the Fast Lane’ is our most popular collection. It seems that people really like bright, vibrant striped colours and this range has it in spades! What’s more, each piece in ‘Life in the Fast Lane‘ is unique. Though we use the same colours, they are laid out differently each time so no piece will ever be the same.

‘Life in the Fast Lane’ matte glass bowl is 10cm tall, and 15cm in diameter.

This bowl will be sent out to you in sturdy packaging, fully wrapped in padding and packed to prevent movement in transit.