Yellow and Blue Patterned Glass Plate


Sunflowers in Plaid is a large, decorative plate, in blue, yellow, orange and green. Matte-effect. Measures 29.5cm x 29.5cm.

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Here we have a yellow and blue patterned glass plate and it’s a real eye-catcher. We have named this ‘Sunflowers in Plaid’. I have made this using ‘stringers‘, which are long, thin strands of glass – think spaghetti, but in glass! It is a real kaleidoscope of colour, made in 15 different shades of blue, yellow, green and orange. I have layered it to give it a holographic style. It is backed with white opaque glass.

When I first made a plate in this style, it ‘premiered’ at our Open Studio event, which happens every July. The wonderful lady who bought it exclaimed ‘oh, it reminds me of tripping on acid!’ Now, I can’t vouch for that statement, having never tripped on acid myself, however, she was absolutely delighted with it and snapped it up immediately.

Why am I telling you this? Because I thought it was a marvellous description of the plate! It is such a statement piece and what’s more, because of the way I make it, no piece done in this style will ever be the same as another. The range of colours may be similar, but the layout and overall appearance will be different. You will own a truly unique piece of artwork.

And artwork it is. ‘Sunflowers in Plaid’, yellow and blue patterned glass plate is a bold piece, one which needs to stand alone, hence ‘decorative’.

It measures 29.5cm x 29.5cm, and is a gently sloping, shallow plate. It is sandblasted to give it a matte-effect, and coated to repel fingerprints and oils.

This piece will reach you in sturdy packaging, fully wrapped in padding and packed to prevent movement in transit.