Pink and Yellow Decorative Glass Bowl


Fused glass bowl in pink, white, with a splash of yellow. Matte-effect.

Measures 16.5cm in diameter, and 7cm in height.

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Here we have a pink and yellow decorative matte glass bowl. We have named this ‘Go with the Flow‘, because of the way this is made. We’ve created it with the use of crushed glass, known as frit, and heated it to a high temperature (830ºc), for two hours. This high heat, long soak fusing produces a pattern of ‘flow’ which starts on the outside of the bowl, and flows over and under the piece to create the inside ‘bloom.’

We’ve made this bowl in pink, white and a golden yellow. The bowls we make using this method tend to be ‘softer’ colours, rather than bright. It’s because some bright coloured glass, such as canary yellow, can become unstable at high temperatures. This means the glass could crack and clearly, we don’t want that. Additionally, red glass heated to a high temperature can appear a’muddy’ brown-red.

What we love about this pink and yellow decorative glass bowl is both its outside, and inside, are the artwork. The outside is a speckled riot of colour, but on looking inside, you see the flower-like bloom. Really stunning.

To finish, we sandblast the bowl to give it a matte-effect. It is then coated to repel fingerprints and oils.

Measures 16.5cm in diameter, and 7cm in height.

This bowl will be sent out to you in sturdy packaging, fully wrapped in padding and packed to prevent movement in transit.