Midnight in Spring – blue and green textured glass vessel


Midnight in Spring part two – blue and green textured vase.

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‘Midnight in Spring’ blue and green textured glass vessel, is so-named due to the rich, dark blue colour of the darkest night, against the bright green of spring. When I was at school, a teacher said to us ‘blue and green should never be seen’. There are many variations of this saying: some say it’s red and green. However, my teacher said blue and green and how wrong she was! For one thing, how can colours which appear on a peacock’s tail be ‘wrong’! Actually, according to colour theory, blue and green are analogous colours: they appear next to other in the colour wheel and as such are very harmonious.

Which brings us to the gorgeous vase. We adore blue and green, which is why we created this vase. As well as the natural beauty of the colours, it’s a textured piece whereby the glass falls in soft ripples.

You may also notice the lovely shape. This is created by first fusing a flat ’tile’, which contains the pattern. This ‘blank’ as they are called, is then elevated above the kiln shelf over a circular mould with a hole in it. As the glass is slowly heated, it softens and drops through the hole, creating the stunning form of this piece. Due to this technique, such forms are usually called ‘drop’ vases or bowls.

The vase will hold delicate flowers such as wild flowers and sweet peas. However, it is more than capable of holding its own and therefore we prefer its use as a decorative vase.

This is the second part of our Midnight in Spring Series. For part one see here.

Measures 19.5cm tall and 6.5cm in width.