Pink and Purple Shallow Glass Bowl: medium



‘Nouveau Pink’ fused glass bowl: medium. This is the second bowl in this range, so-named because it reminds us of the Art Nouveau period. Gorgeous shallow glass bowl, in complementary shades of pink and purple. The bowl is sandblasted to give it a soft, matte texture.

Measures 21.5cm in diameter and has a depth of 3.5cm.

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Here we have a pink and purple shallow glass bowl. We’ve named this ‘Nouveau Pink’, because it reminds us of the Art Nouveau period.

Each piece of hand-cut glass is first edged with black glass powder and fused, before assembling into its final layout, then fused again. This gives each piece a sharp line to create a stunning contrast between the pink and purple shades.

After fusing, the bowl is slumped into a ball mould, which creates a shape with a round bottom. This adds to the ‘flow’ of the overall piece. Finally, the bowl is sandblasted to create a lovely, soft matte finish. It is then coated to repel oils so no matter how many times you touch it, you won’t see your fingerprints all over it (after all, life is too busy and too short to spend cleaning…). If you want to clean it anyway, just wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

Nouveau Pink‘, medium bowl, is 21.5cm in diameter, with a depth of 3.5cm.

If you would like a bigger size, its larger sister bowl can be found here. Additionally, if you would like a bowl in the same style but in different shades, just ask!

This bowl will be sent out to you in sturdy packaging, fully wrapped in padding, and packed to prevent movement in transit.

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