Crikey!  This has been a long time coming – sorry it’s been so long since my last post (and yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s Becci writing this again!)  This time of year is incredibly hectic: we have craft fairs booked for nearly every weekend from now until Christmas.  We are also filling the kiln on a daily basis to fulfil orders.

But I’m not saying this so you feel sorry for me, honestly!  No, it’s great being so productive and having people wanting to buy our stuff.  This is the storm before the calm and I love it.  During the quieter times of year (generally January, February), we can relax a bit and use the less pressured time to design new pieces but in the meantime, it’s full-on and it’s brilliant.

Craft fairs are generally good fun.  There are times when it’s really cold (for some reason, the people who arrange these craft fairs think crafters never get cold) but so long as I’ve remembered my blanket……  Rich doesn’t seem to feel the cold, which is great because we only have one blanket.  If you are interested in where we are displaying, the venues are:

  • Friday 28th November          Worcester Victorian Christmas Fair – all day
  • Sunday 30th November         Worcester Vicotorian Christmas Fair – all day
  • Saturday 6th December         Whitemead Leisure Park, Parkend, Forest of Dean – 11am – 4pm
  • Saturday 13th December       Hartpury Village Hall Craft and Farmers’ Christmas Market – 10 – 12pm
  • Sunday 14th December          Whitemead Leisure Park, Parkend, Forest of Dean – 11 – 4pm
  • Saurday 20th December        Whitemead Leisure Park, Parkend, Forest of Dean – 11 – 4pm


So – I best get on.  I have started to upload products for our Christmas shop – please take a look!  I will be adding Christmas tree decorations in the coming week.  Rich is busy in the studio making some more of his lovely gothic, stained glass mirrors so I’ll let him off writing this blog for now.

Until next time…….

Becci x