Blue and Pink Rippled Glass Vase


Gorgeous blue and pink small, textured decorative vase. Measures 19cm at its tallest and 6.5cm wide at the top.

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Here we have a blue and pink decorative glass vase. We have called this ‘Midsummer Eve‘ and it is one of two in the range. They are a reversed-image of each other but can also stand alone. To view the other item, click here.

In addition to being visually beautiful, this vase is textured, which makes it a very tactile piece. The pink and blue glasses fall in ripples down its length. We think it seems like it’s ‘melting’ in the midday heat of a hot, cloudless summer day. The colours in the glass also epitomise summer: the deep blue of the sky and soft pink of petals or sunsets.

For us, the visual feast of the colours and texture means this small vase requires nothing more than itself to bring beauty to an interior. However, you certainly can put a small posy of flowers in it if you wish. Whilst we love it as it is, we also love Sweetpeas so we have been known to sneak a few in to the one we have!

Measures 19cm at its tallest, and 6cm in diameter at the top.

To clean, simply use warm water and some dishwashing soap. Alternatively, just wipe over with a soft, dry cloth.

We weill send this glass vase to you in sturdy packaging, fully wrapped in padding, and packed to prevent movement in transit.