Red and Yellow Patterned Glass Plate


Goldrush in Plaid decorative glass plate in red and yellow transparent glass. High gloss effect. Measures 28cm x 28cm.

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Here we have a red and yellow patterned glass plate. We have named this ‘Goldrush in Plaid‘ and it is another in our ‘Plaids‘ collection. I have made this one with a mix of opal and transparent stringers. Stringers are long, thin strips of glass – think spaghetti, but in glass! The plate contains 12 different shades of red, yellow and orange.

I have made this plate slightly different to others in this range: whilst still a 3D pattern, it’s less ‘holographic’ in effect. (To see the comparison, click here). The colours go from a mix of reds in one corner, to a rush of golds and yellows, hence its name. I have backed the dish with a piece of clear glass so although it contains a lot of opal, the overall effect is of a transparent piece of art.

Like its range-relatives,’Goldrush in Plaid’ red and yellow glass plate¬†is a bold, vibrant and unapologetic piece. I find it a bit of a paradox as it is both very simple, yet complex. I feel it needs to stand alone, rather than be used as a vessel to put things in/on. However, that is ultimately up to you as you can do with your glass what you wish!

The plate measures 28cm x 28cm and is a shallow, sloped piece. It has been kept as a high-gloss item as the transparent glass used creates a kind of clarity, which would be confused as a sandblasted piece.

This plate will reach you in sturdy packaging, fully wrapped in padding and packed to prevent movement in transit.